+Owners Representation

When you need to be sure that your best interests are being represented, DLA Real Estate and its partners are by your side using our experience in real estate, construction management, architecture and engineering to oversee and complete your project on time and on budget, while minimizing the risks associated with the project.


At the beginning of any project it is crucial to clearly define the goals of the project and develop the optimal strategy for implementation. We consult with our clients and provide the following services:


During one of the most critical portions of your project, we, along with our partners, are there to guide you through a collaborative and integrated approach to your project. At this stage our services include:


As the on-site work begins, we’re there to review work progress and quality acting as your liaison and providing these services:


When the project begins to come to a close our work doesn’t end. We are there to attain all governmental approvals and ensure that all necessary paperwork including records, warranties and maintenance procedures are provided. Our team will participate in final walkthroughs of the finished spaces, and endeavor to resolve any final issues, work, or claims.

Post Occupancy

Our work doesn’t end when you move in. DLA Real Estate will stay in touch with you and remain your point of contact to fulfill any closeout or warranty requests one year after occupancy.